This is the personal website of Ben Hancock, a programmer, data engineer and journalist currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Here you'll find contact info, my personal blog, and resources mostly related to computing and data engineering.

I was trained and worked as a journalist covering global affairs, economic policy, and law for a decade before shifting into a data-focused career. That was driven heavily by a love for the Python programming language and the interesting and impactful things I found could be done with code. If you want to know more about my work experience, please visit LinkedIn; you can also check out some open source software projects that I've worked on.

On my blog, I write about the technical things that interest me — like Python, data munging, Linux and *BSD systems administration — as well as some more philosophical ramblings about how life intersects with technology. The title is taken from first half of a Korean saying, "Over the mountains are mountains (산 넘어 산)". The phrase translates roughly to The struggle is endless, a sentiment that I think carries well when talking about learning programming and systems: there's always something more to know.

This website was made using the acme text editor, pandoc, and a shell script.